Welcome to Ministering in Love!

I started this outreach about six years ago on the principal that, in all things, we were responsible for ministering to the lost with gentleness and respect. Peter made this point clear in his first epistle and it is one that we can easily overlook as we try to win arguments. The truth can be as offensive as the manner with which it is delivered and this love for all extends to even intellectual honesty and the responsibility to approach all subjects fairly.

My focus is on extrapolating from the Word and how it relates to the world around us, from our interactions to the world and our response to life here. For the glory of our God, I seek to be deliberate in every word I write that everything would be both eloquent and truthful. This will never be a ministry of advertisements or  self-aggrandizing messages and if there is error, I invite all to please share.

Finally, if you need to talk to me one-on-one about anything, you can reach me at any of the links on my Contact Me page, under About. You may also find your way through the site through the navigation menus above.




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