The Lily Among Thorns

There has been a question as to why this was written. This has no underlying purpose, but is a song of a grateful man for God’s provision of that woman of “noble character.”

Sometimes I say too much and, other times, not enough; yet, each occurs through the overwhelming desire to find the perfect balance to both encourage and still you. It is my heart that overflows through those feelings which remain incommunicable as to who I see in you and how it affects me, how I see a Godly helper and companion in you. Lemuel was once taught to resist the wicked woman and to find the one who’s value was worth far more than rubies. Beloved, who can find such a woman? And I say that I rejoice; that is, my heart leaps within me, for such a woman I have found.

She seeks out my companionship and accepts the entirety of who I am. I am undeserving of this blessing, yet she remains and I call out in thanks. She kneels before the Savior, through whom seeking guidance and counsel, in whom witnessing as a reflection of light in the darkness. She breathes words of kindness and joy to the mourning and is like unto the shore after months at sea. Her smile reveals the effervescence of childlike innocence and her radiance, profound. She is beautiful, nay, she is beauty, for she is substantial and worthwhile. She is the diamond among polished glass and a lily among thorns, for which I am thankful – immensely and profoundly thankful indeed.


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