“There are many paths to God.”

A young European student, after saving enough, endeavors to travel to Spain for a brief holiday. They carefully weigh the options to get to their destination and choose to fly, but, just as much, they could have taken train, bus, car, or boat. So too is one free to worship the creator of the universe, right? This is, sadly, common among the so-called spiritualists of our day and derives from ancient, eastern mysticism, Hinduism of which teaches that there are many paths to the same. How deceptive! How destructive!

Spain certainly allows multiple methods of travel to allow individuals to visit, yet this is in accordance with the authority of the government. If, at some point, the ruling body in Spain decided to stop all forms of transportation into their country, except for flights, that is their choice and all visitors to Spain must either accept that mode of transportation or decide not to go to Spain at all. So too must the European student decide to go to Spain via the only available method of transportation or somewhere else. Their freedom to travel to Spain as they wish is affected by the authority’s requirement.

When we, who submit to Christ Jesus as the authority, say that there is only one way to the Father; when we proclaim that Jesus is the only One, through whom we would be saved, we are delivering to the world the very requirements established by that very authority. It is our Savior Lord, Christ Jesus, who looked to the Israelites and proclaimed, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). What are the consequences? There is no Mohammed, Krishna, or Buddha who helps and there is no Valhalla or Brahman to which we will go. It is God alone, through Christ Jesus, to whom we must submit and no others, for there is no other name under heaven by which man may be saved save that of Jesus and Him alone (Acts 4:12). Amen.


One thought on ““There are many paths to God.”

  1. Amen!
    i think unfortunately that this is something that many Christians will fall into… and i believe the main reason for this is the lack of understanding of what happened when they called on the name of Jesus … a lack of understanding that they are a three part person (body-soul-spirit) ..lack of understanding that every single person on the planet has a dead spirit…. by dead i mean disconnected from God because of what Adam did… and that when you call on the Name of Jesus your Spirit is reborn … and by this i mean reconnected with God… to have eternal life…which is to know God through Jesus… this is why he is the only way! its not about how awesome you are ..or how big of a church you go to … how many services you attend..how much community service you do … how much money you give to the poor…. all those things are great.. but its really all about putting your faith in Him to give you a new spirit.. so that you can start to worship him in spirit and in truth….starting the moment you call on his name… and this realtionship will last forever!!:)

    May Love and peace and joy be multiplied to you through the knowledge of His Son!!

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