Logos Bible Software 4: Scholar’s Library – A Review

Written and reviewed by Phillip Nicewaner

For the Christian, being able to have access to resources that provide a historical and scholarly perspective on the faith is incredibly edifying as much as it is priceless; this is, in part, Logos’ positioning for their acclaimed Bible software. Three nights ago, I decided to take the leap and invest in the Scholar’s Library to assist in my walk, studies, and writing to my great pleasure, for the content with which one is provided is truly vast and worth the initially shocking price tag (currently $629.99 + tax; $669.95 if paid monthly). The promise is a library worth nearly $8,000 and a user interface which connects the resources together in a coherent and intelligible manner and it does just that.

Several hours of use, since the initial download, quickly brought the sheer value to sight through the numerous Bible translations and the library of several hundred resources which are all cross-referenced with each other and if it is used with a live internet connection, the cross-referencing also includes sermons, Powerpoint presentations, and music files, among others. The user will find maps, pictures, hymns, full ebook versions of expensive and hard-to-find reading material (I am immediately reminded of The Apologetics Study Bible, which cost me $50-$60), timelines, comparative versions of the Holy Scripture, and more that relate to the keywords and verses that are being researched. Quite possibly the most helpful tool that I have found in this program happens to be the link between the scripture and commentary during research, where both scroll at the same time when one is being read, which offers ease of use and immediate relation with one another. Beyond this, though, I would find it hard to not mention the wildly helpful feature which provides the original language and definitions of individual words when the mouse hovers over the text of the scripture.

The interface and research function of the program is the star, though for it takes the massive collection of information stored on the computer and almost immediately finds the material that is relevant to the research being performed. Being an avid reader in areas of theology and philosophy, I feel very confident in saying that the material is too much for one man to read all of the way through, alone. Nonetheless, it will be fun trying and I have had a blast running through biographies of my favorite theologians and Christian philosophers, like Soren Kierkegaard and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

To draw all of this to a simple, bottom line, I find that I cannot give anything but my highest recommendation. The features are easy to use and, at times, almost seem too easy, but that is a tremendous time-saver when trying to get to the meat of the purpose without being bogged down with countless open books – which I still enjoy. The library is vast and its content all depends on the library being purchased, but can be added to through various and separate ebook purchases from the Logos website. All of this amounts to a versatile and incredibly user-friendly program that is beneficial for all of the brothers and sisters of the faith.

Glory to God in the highest through Christ Jesus, our Lord.

Logos Bible Software – $149.95-$1,689.95


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