“Not many of you should become teachers” (Blogging and whatnot)

Christianity Today has an article of great interest, one of which, I must admit, shames me that I did not think of it. In the article (found below), John Dyer addresses the issue regarding how the internet is changing theological debates with respect to the blogging community and James’ warning that “not many of you should become teachers.” The full article is available just below this paragraph for as long as CT keeps it running.

Not Many of You Should Presume to Be Bloggers

I found this to be a brilliant take on the explosion of the blogging community with respect to Christian leadership and instruction. The problem is not necessarily the expression of opinion, but the consequences of the action. When James wrote, “Not many of you should become teachers,” he was writing in the context of the consequences, because “we who teach will be judged more strictly.” There is a responsibility for those who teach [publicly publishing “opinions” and thoughts on Scriptural and Doctrinal views] to abide by the intended meaning behind the Scripture, yet many who are incapable of teaching soundly have a voice that would reach thousands, millions, or, Lord forbid, billions of readers – many readers, however, that do not possess firm foundations in the truth behind the faith. How many pearls are there, though, amongst the totality of voices? If I can use a Nietzschean statement in this case, it is far better to be deaf than deafened. We should all pay close heed to the warnings.


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