A Lesson for Those Who Claim Fellowship

Luke, when he was writing the second part of his two-fold letter to the “most excellent Theophilus,” recorded his experience with Paul and the Berean Jews, who, he wrote, were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica. When Paul came preaching the Gospel, the Bereans took special care to examine the Scriptures daily in light of Paul’s teaching to ensure Paul was truthful (Acts 17:10-15). It would only be proper to contend that this is an appropriate example for all Christians with respect to the respective individuals who pursue leadership in the church.

From outright blasphemy to a direct misquoting of the Scripture, which is related to the former, the church has become full of individuals who are misleading congregations and the congregations have neglected their responsibility to hold their leaders accountable to the Word. Where does this lead? Throngs of individuals, who count themselves among the faithful, following after charismatic liars who purport special powers and visions and prophecy of unknowable times and dates.

The misdeed of Mr. Camping and the consequent misdeed of his followers should be an important lesson for all among the faithful that they are given an important responsibility to hold true to the Word of God. Christians are given an example by which they may live in this manner. There should be no excuse for following after false prophets and teachers.


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