The Least of These by Rev. Ron Steel (Sermon Network)


The video, above, is a sermon by Rev. Ron Steel, which is essentially about living out one’s faith. Ron Steel stepped down as Pastor of Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church in early 2011, after a short hiatus, to the sadness of many, but we are thankful for his selfless work and service to the Lord in teaching Christ’s flock. I have been immensely blessed to have known him as Pastor and brother in Christ’s fold and, just as much, to have been here for this sermon. He encouraged each of us to both search the scriptures daily and live out our faith.

Where are you in your faith? When you see the down-trodden, do you offer help – does your heart ache for them? Christ indeed taught that whatsoever we do to or for others, we do to Him (Mt. 25:40). In all things we do, we do for Jesus. “He is the recipient.”

The video is just shy of 43 minutes and is worth the time. Glory to God in the highest. Amen.


6 thoughts on “The Least of These by Rev. Ron Steel (Sermon Network)

    • He is, last I heard from Pastor Myers, spending time with his family. I can say that there are many of us who miss his leadership and long to see a solid replacement. Sadly, there are growing negative opinions about the interim.

  1. Per hap I came across a live message from Pella, Iowa from Ron Steel on my Ipad (radio). I like what he does. He’s a good combination of insightfulness and Godly character. I don’t sense that it’s just head knowledge coming across from Mr. Steel. I can’t see the heart, but I do feel that he very solid. I had lived in Des Moines for many years and there’s not much there of the Reformed faith. Based upon the few sermons I have heard, he’s currently one of my favorites to listen to and my favorite is Paul Washer. By God’s grace I hope he has a long stay in Lord at Pella.

    • He definitely is genuine and solid in the truth. It is a blessing to have known him as a teacher, brother, and friend. I too hope he has a long stay in Pella, even if my heart wants him back at Twin Oaks.

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