Returning back to writing

Several months ago, I took a hiatus for multiple reasons. Among the reasons, was a problem where devotional and meditation time was replaced by studies that served to relay a message, but this did not result in me being fed properly and that was the product of my own creation. To have continued to write and not address this was to do a disservice to everyone who gave and would continue to give their time to read anything on this site; this does, however, speak something that every Christian writer should remember: spending time in a devotional study and meditation on God’s Word, in any way, is necessary for the expression of the Christian’s life in all aspects. At some point, the studies relating to ideas and messages are just not enough and the effort can feel empty or just “through the motions”, if one would allow that description. Nevertheless, there is still a great need.

More than just answering the arguments of skeptics and more than just edifying believers, there is such a vast need in and out of the church for understanding. I do not assume, even a little, that I know every little thing, but, as was always the case, my dedication was to approach every matter fairly and with love. Some matters, whether popular or not, are incontrovertible and must be held flatly with no exceptions. Mostly, these incontrovertible points are the primary tenets of the faith, but they also include concepts regarding the expression of that faith through actions, such as evangelism. Because of what I have observed over the last several months, I am giving Ministering in Love, in 2015, a clear direction:

  • To reinforce the utter necessity of our faith, which is solely dependent upon God and dispelling the notion that our mental faculties are or were enough.
  • To offer a tested methodology for evangelism, which is based on the methods of the Apostles and the deacon, Stephen.

These points will be the primary areas of focus because they will help immensely. In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for more to come. As always, my hope is that your faith would be strengthened as we all endure this pilgrimage together. May the Lord bless and strengthen all of you for His glory.


Phillip Nicewaner


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