About Phillip Nicewaner

I am defined by my faith, which is founded on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the propitiation of my sins, which also began in September of 2005, while working an overnight shift at an adult membership club in St. Louis, MO. For well over a decade prior to this moment, I was stuck in a life of heavy drug use and touching on light gang activity. It was not until I came to Jesus that I experienced a sobriety which had not been previously experienced in nearly a ten year time frame. Soon after the call to submit moved me to my knees, my life changed profoundly through studies.

For the next several years, I studied philosophy and theology, eventually branching out on my own. In this time, I managed to acquire quite a collection of books, which are the only true possessions I actually possess, but even they are struggling to fit into a life of minimalism. Through the years after submitting to Jesus, I came to two main positions of thought: first, that we are not inherently entitled to anything good from anyone, but rather most deserving of the full wrath of God, which, consequently, should result in the dashing of all human pride and, second, that the Christian faith is first a faith which is contrary to what human reason demands and then a faith that is further justified by the various philosophical arguments we use to prove God’s existence. These points are the primary areas of focus through most of what I write and rarely do I stray. I imagine that this will be the case until I am satisfied that I understand to the fullest extent possible.

I thank you for reading through my long-windedness and encourage everyone to send any questions you have to me directly.

Peace and love to you all, through the risen Savior, Christ Jesus the Lord.

Phillip Nicewaner



4 thoughts on “About Phillip Nicewaner

  1. Just want to post a quick note of support, and thanks…keep up the good work, Bro…God needs more people like you!!


  2. Hi,
    It is a pleasure to see a brother’s heartfelt words and the transformation of a life by the grace of God.

    The words of a convicted Christian can move the hearts of those whom He wills. May your words echo His and stir the hearts and conscience of many.

    God bless 🙂

  3. I praise God for His life in you and your boldness to declare His righteousness and faithfulness! May God continue to draw men to Himself through your dying to self and living unto Him!

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